Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Message.


It is that time of year when we all do our “What I’m Thankful For” post.  So, this is mine.

First and foremost I am thankful that I found Jesus as my savior. Without him I would seriously be limited in my abilities since I would not exist.

Second, I am very thankful for my wife Gina.  She worries that she brings nothing but grief into my life, but what she can’t see is the amount of joy she brings.  She is certainly more expressive than other people, but she is honest, and harbors no hidden agendas. We are a partnership, of love.

Third, my family.  My mother and father made it possible for me to be here, but it goes much deeper than that.  My Mom gave me her sparkle and sense of humor.  When one of my cousins bugged my mom to take them to play Putt-Putt, she gave him a stick and told him to run around outside saying “putt putt putt putt.” That says a lot about her, and me.  My father gave me his inquisitive nature, sense of humor, and was a role model of what a man should be. Together they both provided me a path to faith.  It is this faith that will carry me not just through this life, but to eternity.

My brother is my hero. He knew how to take a spear to the chin, and he shot me.  No other man on this planet has shot me.

My sisters, the twins, were at times a target, and at other times our light.  Although they are twins they are certainly individuals, who continue to demonstrate how with faith you can overcome every obstacle.

Fourth, my friends. There are many of you that I consider friends.  Even those friends who think differently than I do bring joy and inspiration to my life.  I am humbled to know such a great group of people. (Except that guy in the corner)

Fifth, my hometown.  You were Mayberry to me.  Small enough to be safe with a heart the size of the moon.

Fifth, the South.  The South, during my time, was an incubator of how to accept change while maintaining your core principles.  Many despise her, but the South is everything they wish they could be.

Sixth, my country.  The United States is not perfect, but it is the most perfect union of people and government on this planet.  Of course some of my friends on both sides of the argument will disagree, they are wrong.

Seventh, my service.  Had I not served in the military I have no idea what may have happened with my life, but what I do know is what the military gave me.  The ability to think critically overcome adversity, to create a plan, and implement that plan.  The true definition of honor, courage, and sacrificing for something greater than myself is a lesson few learn.   

Eighth, my teachers.  Although many of you did your best to confuse me, a few gave me the tools I would need to learn further. 

I am thankful for these things.

P.S. Following you on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets does not necessarily constitute friendship…I am actually following some of you for intel purposes.