Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Letter From my Senator


“A loaf of whole wheat. A gallon of gasoline. A pair of Levi’s. Americans are paying more for many basic items this year, making tough economic times even tougher.”

Part of the reason, according to The New York Times, is that speculators are still playing games in the marketplace. Our regulators allow them to wildly bid up the price for everyday items we need, like wheat, gasoline and heating oil.

Despite a clear directive from Congress to rein in excessive speculation, our watchdogs in Washington seem to be listening more to Wall Street, and not acting quickly enough to protect American consumers. Consider: On any given day about half of the oil futures contracts are bought and sold by traders, not companies that use oil, like airlines and power companies. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to how much of the market traders can control.

To help stop the manipulation of commodities prices, now to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission - and tell the members to stop speculators from interfering with the price of food and energy. Tell the commissioners to stop listening to Wall Street lobbyists. Tell them to impose meaningful position limits.

And while you’re at it, forward this note to your friends, family and others who care about this issue. If the commission hears from enough folks, it’ll adopt stronger rules next month when a vote is scheduled.


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Dear Bill,

It has been almost three months since you wrote to me last.  So how have you been?  I've noticed that during these very troubling times we don't hear much from you?  Out of sight out of mind is a good way to play it, if we were not watching you.

In your letter quoting an "article" in the New York Times you make it sound like Wall Street and those evil corporations are up to no good...Would this include Indyne Inc?  These guys gave you $57,000..and they are listed in the top 100 Contractors to the Government....I wonder who helped them out with that?  

But wait...there is more...

Finmeccanica SpA Donated $49,800 to you...They are not an American company...they are Italian. Buy American (send your money to Italy).  Oh, but the plot thickens

Ever hear of Greenberg Traurig LLP?  They put $41,325 into your war chest. Interesting thing about that Law Firm...some guy named Jack Abramoff worked for them It is so interesting I think our readers will enjoy this link. Greenberg Traurig LLP

How much does a Senator cost? $42,500.  That is how much Kindred Healthcare donated to you...you know them...they make tons of bucks from Medicaid and Medicare.  Having a politician like you in their pocket is a good idea.  

Now I understand your concern with lobbyists...especially those that did not donate to you...I mean really Bill...you only got $278,305 from those cheapskates.  

Time for a reality check Billy.  The problem facing this state...this entire country is Jobs.  I will say it again Bill...JOBS.  While you are schmoozing with Corporate donors, and Lobbyists....the rest of your fellow Floridians are looking for work.  10.7 Bill...Woohoo...we are leading the nation. Meanwhile your jobs killing party is passing legislation that will seal our fate...unless...unless...WaiT for it...


Yes sir...that is our goal...to see you join the sea of unemployed Floridians...but don't worry Bill, I'm sure there is a law firm or lobby you can join....you seem pretty cozy with them.