Monday, May 4, 2009

Consider the Snowflake

Consider the Snowflake. They sparkle like diamonds as they gently float to Earth. In a relatively short amount of time they can cover up an ugly landscape and turn it into a Norman Rockwell painting. When viewed from a distance the Snowflake seems small and insignificant. Just like everything else in this universe the laws of physics control the Snowflake.

The laws that the Snowflake must follow control everything about it. From its unique structure, no two are alike, to its size; the Snowflake is not free to just do as it pleases. The Snowflake can only be about one quarter inch in diameter*. This is good for you and me. A three-foot Snowflake would slice through the air like a Ninja throwing star and skewer people, animals, and other important stuff. This is bad for the Snowflake.

The Snowflake considers its job to cover the Earth in a blanket of white. The larger the Snowflake the more efficient it can be in doing that job. In fact, if left to its own devices the Snowflake would grow so that a single flake could cover everything in one fell swoop. Once the Snowflake has everything covered in a blanket of white its job is not over.

As a child growing up in North Carolina snow was a treat. It meant school would probably be closed. It also meant that my once familiar world was transformed into something totally different. Standing on our back porch you could hear shotgun blasts. That is the sound tree limbs make as they break off and crash to earth. Snowflakes were conspiring to kill the trees.

One of my earliest memories was begging my mother to let me go play in the snow. She would explain that it was cold out there and I would just want back in the house as soon as I got out there. That didn’t matter to me… the Snowflakes wanted company.

Most Carolina snow is only a few inches deep at best. If it makes it through the day it is lucky. One year, I guess I was about five; there was a layer of snow two feet deep. Of course I wanted to go play in it. My brother who was three wanted to go too. My mother had a problem. We didn’t own snow boots.

Owning snow boots in North Carolina is like owning a sled. The chance that you will need them is slim. Two little boys who had developed snow fever now faced my mother, and she needed something to protect our feet. My mother improvised. She tied bread bags to our feet. I know, bread bags are probably not the best option, but she was learning this whole child-raising thing. Our mother wrapped us up in nearly every piece of clothing we owned and opened the door.

I stepped out onto the front porch and then jumped as far as I could into the waiting arms of my Snowflake friends. I was covered up to my waist in fluffy goodness. That is when I discovered the first issue posed by so many Snowflakes. The Snowflake restricts freedom. As I tried to move forward, the Snowflakes would grab me…they tried with all their might to stop me from moving forward...they stopped me from moving backward… they had me in their grasp and wanted me to stay right where I was.

I tried with all my might to move my feet… the Snowflakes ripped the bread bag off my right, and then my left foot… they then took my shoes off… then they took my socks off… in short order I was barefoot and exposed to their icy grip. I turned to head back to the safety of the house.

I looked over at my brother…the Snowflakes had removed his bread bags and shoes…being shorter than I they were also taking his pants. I struggled to crawl toward the house. Of course I had to help my brother so I pulled him along as best I could. The Snowflakes would not kill him…that was my job.

After what seemed like an eternity we made it back to the porch. Our mother was waiting for us and let us in. She was laughing. We were soaking wet, bare foot, and very cold. Our friends the Snowflakes were not that friendly.

When our father got home he wanted to know why there were bread bags and shoes stuck in the snow. My mother explained, and they both laughed. My brother and I were not that amused.

Consider the People. People shine like diamonds when they arrive on this Earth. In a relatively short amount of time they can transform a barren landscape into something of beauty. When viewed individually they seem insignificant in the vast universe. Just like the Snowflake, the number of people that can exist is controlled by the Laws of Nature. If left unchecked people could eventually overwhelm our planet’s ability to provide for them.

Unlike the Snowflake, People actually do have desires and needs that must be fulfilled. Obviously all People need food, water, and shelter. People are very complex. When I fully understand them, I will let you know. What I do know is this. People need society.

People suck at being solitary creatures. They need companionship, and that thing we call Love. It is for this reason that People form societies. These societies reflect the groups overall outlook on life, and provide security for the individual. Societies allow the people to create some spectacular things. Just like the Snowflake Societies can grow too large and the weight of society causes it to break down. It destroys what it was meant to protect.

Unlike the Snowflake, people are resilient. They can, and have shown the ability to create new forms of organizations. These organizations embrace the individuality of people, and create rules for interacting while allowing for freedom of individuality. We call these organizations Government.

Consider the Government. A good Government can shine like a diamond. A good Government can provide a Norman Rockwell like existence for its people. A good Government can provide order in a disjointed world. Just like the Snowflake Government is controlled by laws that limit its size.

A good Government provides for the basic security of the People, while allowing for the maximum freedom of the individual. A good Government provides coordination between people from different societies. A good Government recognizes the sovereignty of the people.

On September 17th, 1787 a document was created that would change not only a Nation, but in time the entire world. It begins with a bold and unmistakable phrase.

WE THE PEOPLE. The U.S. Constitution recognizes the supreme sovereignty of the people. It is the document created by the people for the people. It is the protection of the rights of the individual. It establishes rule by law. It protects the people from those who would become tyrants. It limits the role of Government on our lives and protects the creativity of the individual.

The problem with America today is not its Constitution. The problem is not the form of our Government. The problem is the People. Over time we the People have allowed our Government to take more and more responsibility, and in turn our rights. We have skewered the basic tenants of our society with special interests, become side tracked by arguments best solved at the local level; we have become lazy and complacent. We have done the very things our founding fathers warned us of. We The People have allowed Government to become tyrants!

It is easy in these times to throw up our hands and say it is over for us. I can assure you I have never ever surrendered to anything. I can also assure you there are many, many Americans who feel the same way.

On April 15th 2009 over a million American’s gathered to send notification to our Government that we were ready to retake our Nation and enforce our right as the Sovereign Power in this Nation.

The Tea Parties were held in the same spirit of the original Boston Tea Party. They served notice that we were no longer unarmed victims of Government Tyranny. That WE THE PEOPLE were now arming ourselves to overthrow out of control Government growth, overbearing Government interference in our lives, and reckless fiscal irresponsibility.

Our Politicians are on notice that your political parties are worthless to us. We demand you remain accountable to us, not some platform of your choosing. We will use every legal method to hold you to accountable.

We know this will not be easy. Few things in life are. We enjoy the struggle…you however will not. Government should not fear us…Government should FEAR us. We no longer request that you hear us…we DEMAND your obedience.

I have been asked what should the Tea Party Movement do next.

First of all everyday you should be swarming every member of your City, County, State, and Federal Government with emails, phone calls, and snail mail. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Demand a response.

Secondly, You should seek out other like-minded people in your local area and join in public protests. Our group is planning to be visible at every possible public event. To include a large presence during the 4th of July.

Thirdly, Vote. VOTE! For people that you have researched. Talk to them directly. If they will not talk to you while running for office then it is highly unlikely they will not talk to you once elected. Make sure they believe as you do.

Finally, Talk to everyone about how you feel. Now is not the time to be bashful. You have something important to say, and you have a right to say it.

There is too much riding on our future to remain silent!!

Unlike the Snowflake we will not melt away after a day. We will strip you of your bread bags, shoes, socks, and pants. We will leave you wallowing in the snow like a helpless five year old until you come running back to us.