Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to Make Pizza

K.Z in Maryland wrote to President Obama with a very sad story.  You see if the Payroll Tax Cuts were allowed to expire K.Z would not be able to have pizza night with his kids...or...have cable T.V.  OH THE HUMANITY!!

Don't despair K.Z....Let this Tea Party Activist show you how to survive the horror of losing 40 bucks.  First...lets make some Tea Party Pizza.

THE DOUGH.  There are two routes you can go here K.Z.  First you can buy the pizza dough already made, or you can make it yourself.  Here is a recipe for your own pizza of all there are no preservatives.  Get it here...I have tested this one..and it is yummmmmy.

THE SAUCE.  The sauce is actually optional...since you are a liberal you will be drawn to put tofu or some other nasty ingredients on top...I keep it tomato paste, garlic, basil and olive oil to taste. You can also splurge and buy a jar of ready made sauce....but it is full of yucky preservatives.

THE TOPPINGS.  Carrots are not good on a pizza, so you might want to try out some nice onions, green peppers, or my favorite Meat.  I'm just guessing here but I think your lack of meat may be causing you to not think clearly.

Now making your own pizza is a load of fun and a great way for the family to have an awesome Pizza of all it will cost under 12 bucks for a super extra large PIZZA.  You can take the time you would normally be spending with the cable remote and actually TALK with your children.  You will also be introducing them to the concept of being frugal, working toward a goal, making their own food.

As a Tea Party Activist I am not a fan of taxes..however..the payroll tax is supposed to go toward Social Security..a system that is already unsustainable...mainly due to fat lazy pigs like my Ex-sister-in-law.  Instead, to pay for your tax cut the Democrats want to raise the fees on new home sales.

The issue is not eating pizza...watching movies...or spending time with your family.  The issue is creating a budget that forces our government to live within its means....something you might be interested in trying. I see many people every week that make far less than you or I and they have a great time with their kids doing some crazy things like fishing, playing board or card games, or just talking.  I seriously do not think your problem is not having another 40 bucks in your pay check...but you might be a tad bit lazy.   If you would like to see how bad things could be check out any of the references to the Great Depression...or heaven forbid the recessions of the 60's.

Good luck K.Z.  you are raising some government dependent children...I feel for you.