Monday, January 31, 2011


When I was young and dumb…some will say the dumb part has not changed…a friend of mine asked me for help.  He was married and had two kids…he explained that he had run short for money to buy food.  I was single and relatively speaking…rich.  Being a super nice guy I lent him $100 to buy food for his family.  This is what friends do for one another. 

About a month later he approached me again.  This time the tire on his car had blown out and he needed some money to buy a replacement.  I told him that I had some money to loan him…but I would need it back since I was saving to go on leave.  He promised that he would repay me.  I loaned him $100 dollars.  He was so happy he invited me to his house for a home cooked meal…I never pass up a home cooked meal.

He lived in the housing area on base.  It was a very small apartment…part of a duplex.  The furniture was used…his kids were clean…and their clothes were very nice.  The apartment was clean…his furniture was nice, but I could tell it came from a thrift store. 

After dinner we sat down to watch some movies on cable, and talk.  He began to complain about how much the cable company charged for their service.  He told me that he was always running behind, but he couldn’t let them disconnect him…his family could not live without cable.  Most of us have our Sacred Cow…for him it was cable.

A Sacred Cow is something you will do whatever it takes to keep.  It is not to be touched by anyone for any reason.  The basics of life will even be sacrificed for the Sacred Cow. I could tell that if I even suggested that maybe he should drop the cable service until his finances were in better shape he would have fought me tooth and nail.  His Sacred Cow was a necessity to him.

As our National Debt continues to climb our nation is faced with making some tough decisions.  We have many Sacred Cows which many are ready to defend at all costs. In fact, as our Sacred Cow becomes more expensive we will do what it takes to keep it.

Politicians…like the rest of us realize that in order to get our debt under control…the Sacred Cows need to be modified…reduced…maybe even eliminated.  That truth does not seem to matter.  At the mere mention of touching one of these Sacred Cows…people will pull out all manner of excuses.  They invoke the image of Granny in a cold house…with no food.  They raise the Flag over the wounded Veteran.  Like my friend…even the suggestion of reducing the amount spent on a Sacred Cow will result in the gnashing of teeth…anger…even to the point of violence. 

People will cackle like hens and runabout like brain damaged raccoons even if someone thinks out loud about touching their Sacred Cow.  Granted the greatest among these are Politicians…who are prone to making grandiose claims….or party partisans who make fools of themselves in defense of obviously failed social experiments. The Sacred Cow must be preserved! 

Our nation can no longer afford the luxury of providing food, shelter, and clothing to the children of illegal foreign the expense of feeding our elderly, or caring for our wounded Vets.  We can no longer afford to support educational experiments at the expense of our students and teachers.  We can no longer afford to subsidize other nations at the expense of our own.

I do not call of wanton cutting of any program…however…every program is full of waste…each and every Sacred Cow must get trimmed.  Unlike a Hindu Barbecue…Cow must be on the menu.

I challenge everyone to look at your own Sacred Cow and seriously decide…what fat can be trimmed to make it better for us all.


Grumpyelder said...

Captain, I'd suggest we star by removing the various Trust Funds from the General Fund. All have been funded by designated money. With the exception of Medicare all are solvent (on paper), for the moment.

Social Security for example has never cost the government a penny out of general revenue. But it used by both sides as a smoke creen as soon as someone talks about entitlements

Gina Alfani said...

You don't have a dumb bone in your body!

My sacred cow is the internet . . . but you already know that ;)

Awesome post!