Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Devil Dog!!

Today I received some of the greatest news since...well...since my son was born.  He is now a Devil Dog! I am so proud of him it is hard not to overdue this report without seeming like a prejudice father.  But I am!. For those of you who have never had the privilege and honor to serve this nation let me explain what happens when someone joins the U.S. Military Service.

First thing is making the right choice for you.  Not all services are created equal..each has its own challenges..each has its own pros and cons.  As the years have progressed our nations military has gone from being separate services to a combined fighting system.  The lines of communication between them has gone from a blurry fat a much sharper fine that has made our military the greatest fighting force on this planet.

I myself chose the Air Force...most of my family were either Navy or Marines...However, my Father served in the AF during the Korean war...and my uncle started out as a Marine..then transferred to the AF and made a career of it. However, when the time came I made my choice based on what I wanted to do..and being a cop is what I wanted to do.

My son has always wanted to do something special with his life...and this the first step toward that goal.  His choice of service is one that I have always been in awe of.

The second step is Qualifying for the job.  It is not an easy thing to do.  In today's military you must be more than just must be smart.  Idiots need not apply.  The position he chose is as a Special Communications Signals Collector Operator.  Google it.

Most civilians see a person in uniform at parades...or in a recruiters office.  It is easy to forget that the little girl..or office person you are looking at is also a trained combat weapon.  They not only do paperwork..but are trained to fight.  You won't see that in your local bank.

The third step is Basic Training.  Basic Training is a test of your will as well as your body.  You are trained to respond as part of a are trained to be able to operate at full speed while under trying circumstances.  This is something that lasts a life time. To complete basic is an accomplishment that is something to be proud of.

The fourth step is completing combat training.  Everyone in our military is trained to fight..hence the term U.S. Armed Forces.  Learning the complexity of moving as a team...utilizing the correct methods of engagement..knowing your weapons inside and out.  I guess this is why Homeland security worries about our veterans.

The fifth step is learning your job.  In my son's case...this will be pretty technical stuff.  In fact, with all military specialties it is learning new and exciting things..knowing how your specialty enhances the war fighting capabilities of the greatest Military Force on Earth.

Finally he will deploy with his unit...he will continue a learning process that will last a life time.

It is hard to say when a boy becomes a man...but on this day...I learned that my little boy is a full fledge Man..with the rights and responsibility that comes with the title.

Congrats to you buddy...Welcome to the tribe of are now a Devil Dog!!

Out of respect for him I will not tell you which one is him...he and I are not that keen on photos...but I will say he is the good looking one.

His video is here: Charlie Company

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