Sunday, September 2, 2018

Rational vs Logical vs Critical Thinking

There are people who consider Rational, Logical and Critical Thinking to be the same thing. This idea is neither rational, logical, or critical. Rational, Logical, and Critical thinking do have one thing in common. A starting point.

Consider this statement, “Man evolved from Apes.”

A Rational thinker will consider the things apes have in common with man. Things like; Apes look like humans, they act like humans, they can create tools like humans, they have the ability to communicate, the list is pretty long.

A Logical thinker will link Apes to Man with quantifiable data. Apes evolved first into a variety of not quite Apes and not quite Man, then eventually Man. They will go step by step through the process of evolution to reach their final conclusion.

The Critical Thinker questions everything. Where is the evidence? What is the data saying?  The missing link between Apes and not quite Apes has never been found, Ever. Until the story is complete any correlation between Apes and Man can also be found between Man and Dogs. After all, your dog does communicate with you, right?

The Rational and Logical thinker easily become victims of “Confirmation Bias”. Confirmation Bias is a condition in which you find evidence that supports your point of view and then quit looking for evidence that does not support your point of view. Although the Critical thinker can also fall victim to confirmation bias, they are always on guard to it.

You can make a rational argument about anything. You can present it logically. You can be completely wrong. But at least you were rationally and logically wrong. Don't be those people. Develop Critical Thinking skills. You might still be wrong, but at least you will know why.

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