Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tracking Terrorist's Money Sources.

Tracking the Money

Al-Rashid Trust (ART)
Founder: Mufti Mohammed Rashid
Narrative: Founded in 1996. ART describes itself as a charitable organization. It denounces the United States and Western countries support of Israel. They support the Taliban, and funded Osama Bin Laden. They were placed on the U.S. list of organizations that fund terrorism after 9/11.

Where do they get their money? They state that their money comes from donation, however, they also run a medical school in India under the name Al-Ameen Charitable Trust Fund. The School is almost completely Muslim, with the exception of Hindu students that they were required to enroll due to Indian government mandates. Operating as medical schools that are supported by local government is one way these groups collect money for use in radical Islamist organizations.

Other Alias's:
AKA: Al Amin Welfare Trust
AKA: Al Amin Trust
AKA: Al Ameen Trust
AKA: Al-Ameen Trust
AKA: Al Madina Trust
AKA: Al-Madina Trust

A1-Akhtar Trust International
AKA: Pakistan Relief Foundation
AKA: Pakistani Relief Foundation
AKA: Azmat-e-Pakistan Trust
AKA: Azmat Pakistan Trust


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