Saturday, November 14, 2015

Organizing Your News

Organizing Your News

**Disclaimer**  I am not connected to any company or compensated for these evaluations.

What is an RSS Reader?

RSS stands for Rich Site Syndication. It allows you to view information such as news and blogs that are constantly changing without having to visit each site individually. It also gives you a measure of security since you do not need to sign up for their email based updates. This also reduces clutter to your email. Another benefit to RSS is that certain blog sites have gone to extreme advertising. This results in slow loading and annoying ads. RSS only gives you the title of the articles no ads, no pop-ups. This article will evaluate one of the RSS Readers available for free.

Evaluation of Feed Reader Browser.

Feed Reader is a free online RSS Reader.
Feed Reader is browser based so it will work on nearly any platform. I have tested it with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari, and it works equally well on each. Since it is browser based it does not take up space on your phone.

It is flexible. You can arrange it to your taste. You can categorize your news feeds using terms you understand.

Feed Reader is free. Of course you have heard that before only to find tons of ads thrown in your face. Feed Reader, as of 14 November 2015 is totally free. No ads, no trials.

Getting Started with Feed Reader.

Go to and set up an account.

When Feedreader opens you will be greeted by a dialogue box asking you to enter your first feed. Lets start by adding mine. Where it asks “Enter a website or feed url” just type in Where is asks for the “Category” click on Create New Category and call it whatever you want. Finally click Add the feed. All done.

Some sites make finding the RSS feed difficult. For this you may need to look around. However, in most cases this is pretty easy. Blogger for instance makes the RSS easy. Just type in the address. Most wordpress blogs are the same way.

If you are having problems finding the feeds you are looking for just put the feed you are looking for in the comments of this article.  

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