Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Home Security Basics

Home Security Basics

Home security is where you can begin to protect yourself. The following are inexpensive ways to enhance your home security.

Get help.

Call your local police department's crime prevention unit. For no cost they will do a security assessment of your home and property. The assessment is a great way to have someone with experience give you tricks and tips you can put into practice right away. Best of all it is free.

Evaluate your home by looking at it from the outside.

What can you see from the street? Many times we love letting the sun in, but what can others see from the street?

Don't stop at the street. Move in closer to determine how close someone needs to get to check out your home.

Think like a criminal. How would a criminal sneak up on your home? Where could they hide to ambush you? Your local police can really help in this area.

Do these checks for both day and night.

Did you know you can buy and install window treatments that will let light in, allow you to see out, but stops someone outside from seeing in?

Clean it up.

Bushes, flags, banners, and walls are all great for their beauty, but the also hide what an intruder is up to.

Lock it up.

What type of locks do you have on your doors and windows? How can someone defeat these locks? The police assessment will address these issues. If the officer doesn't ask him. Intruders can be stopped or at least delayed if these locks are not easily defeated. Did you know that many homes can be entered by just using a knife?

Look before you go.

A quick look out windows can give you an idea if someone is there. There are many peep holes you can buy for doors that will allow you a wide range of view. You can even buy and install cameras for under $200 that will give you both day and night vision in those areas you can't see.

Alarm it.

You do not need to purchase a service to protect your home. There are many alarm systems you can buy that will emit loud alarms that will scare off many intruders, and alert you and your neighbors. Most can be installed by you.

Arm up.

If you decide to buy a firearm, spend some extra on how to use it effectively and keep it safely in your home. If you decide to skip a firearm purchase pepper spray, or other non-lethal devices.

Talk to your family.

Discuss with your family what to do if they suspect an intruder. Come up with a safe word that every family member knows. This will keep them from accidentally shooting, or spraying you. Discuss every scenario you can think of and come up with plans. Make it fun, and test these from time to time.

Security by Obscurity.

Don't tell anyone what you are doing in terms of security. Loose lips sink ships. Be aware of who you let into your house. Those of you with kids this will be difficult, but many break ins and home invasions are committed by people who have actually visited the home.


These are just a few of the things you can actively do to add to your protection. The police are an excellent source of information, so do not hesitate to call them to help you.

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