Monday, November 16, 2015

Facebook Pictures.

FaceBook Pictures
A Down and Dirty Way.

What you will need.

    A Picture
    An Editor

Step 1.  Get an editor.

    For this step we will use PicMonkey a free online Picture Editor.
    Go to and click on Edit A Photo.
    The Editor will open.

Step 2. Select a Picture to Edit.

    Click Open  or Click on the Down Arrow.

    You can pick a picture from your computer, facebook, or instagram

    Now you will Resize the picture based on what you want to do.
    The avatar (that is the picture that shows up when you make a post) must be no more that 180px by 180px.  So...lets do that.

  Click on RESIZE

  Type in 180 and then click on Apply.

Click on Save

Make sure you give the file a new name. Really important..this will keep you from accidentally overwriting the original picture.

Select Pierce.  That will give you the best quality and right file size.

Now Click Save to My Computer.

All Done. 

What if you want to put an a flag on the image?  Follow these steps.

1. Open the image you want to be the First Image.

2. Now Select Overlay.  It is the Butterfly. 


    3. Now make sure you have downloaded a picture that you want to use as the overlay.  I am using a French flag.  

    4. Click on Your Own.
    5. Select the image you want to use as the overlay.  Click Open.
    6. The new image will show up with 5 circles on the corners and top.

     7. Click and drag the circles to arrange the overlay the way you want it.  Don't worry if you cant see your original image...we will fix that next.

    8.  Once you have the overlay like you want it...adjust the fade to the level you want.

    9. Move the Fade Slider to where you want it.

    10. Click Save and you are all done.

Other image sizes for Facebook.

Cover Photo


Pictures you upload to facebook should be 600x600 for best results.

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