Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CNN Republican Debate 2015; The Moderators

CNN Republican Debate 2015
The Moderators

In the spirit of full disclosure it is important that you realize I am a conservative. I will be voting for a conservative that closely matches my beliefs. I support Marco Rubio for President, because Marco closely matches my beliefs.

The upcoming CNN Republican Debate is another stepping stone for all of the candidates. Although many people, mostly lefties, criticize the large number of Republican Candidates, I for one see this as the greatest opportunity for Conservatism to display our varied views on the problems facing the nation.
The Fox News Debates although good for a first debate, also demonstrated the trap journalists can fall into. The moderators spent far too much time asking their questions, and not enough time allowing the candidates to answer. In the end we, the viewers were robbed of a chance for the candidates to introduce who they were, and their positions on critical issues.

CNN has tapped Jake Trapper and Hugh Hewitt for the CNN Republican Debate. They are now in the hot seat. We all remember the Candy Crowley debacle where she became the third debater. The question now is can Trapper and Hewitt control some very strong personalities and keep themselves out of the debate?

Jake Trapper started his career in 1992 as press secretary for Democrat Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, and later served as her congressional press secretary. He later wrote an article about his date with Monica Lewinsky. He has written for the very liberal . You can read more about Jake at

Hugh Hewitt is unabashedly conservative. His credentials include Director of the Richard M. Nixon Library, Lawyer in the Reagan administration, and host of the Hugh Hewitt show. He is a tough interviewer. He also is a professor of Constitutional Law. Read more about Hugh at

With interviewers as such polar opposites this will be a proving ground for the Republican Candidates and show what they have in terms of dealing with a diverse audience. If the candidates can rise within this arena they will prove their worth. In all likelihood this will end someones campaign.  

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