Friday, August 28, 2015

Angry People Don't Float.

Angry People Don't Float.

A rich man bought a boat.  Not just any boat, but the best boat money could buy.  He had hired the best crew that had ever sailed the seas.  He left nothing to chance and was personally involved in every aspect of building the boat and fitting it for a journey around the world. 

When the ship left port it was a glorious day, fair winds, and clear skies. Shortly after the ship had cleared the dock the man noticed that one of the crewmen was standing on the bow playing with a rope.  He yelled down at the crewman to stop playing with that rope and get to work.  The crewman looked up for a moment, then continued to play with the rope.

When one of the porters passed by, the man told him to tell that crewman to stop playing with that rope and get to work.  He watched as the porter spoke to the crewman.  The crewman appeared to ignore the porter and continued playing with the rope.

The man thought to himself, "Doesn't this crewman know that I am the owner of this boat?" 

Again he called the porter up and told him to fetch the captain.  After a long wait the porter returned and told him the captain said, "Tell him I am busy, but I will see him as soon as I can."

The man could not believe this.  He had spent millions on the boat, and millions more on what was supposed to be the best crew ever to sail.  The man grew more outraged the more he thought about it.

His anger grew to the point that he marched down to the bow and took the rope away from the crewman and tossed it into the sea.  The crewman tried to protest, but the man was so angry he would not listen to anything the crewman said.  It was his boat, they were his crew!

The yelling between the crewman and the man became so loud that the captain tried to intervene, but the man would not listen. 

Suddenly, there was a loud bang!  The ship came to a very abrupt halt and the man was thrown over the front of the boat into the sea.  He sank like a stone and was never seen again.

At the inquest the captain explained that he had stationed a crewman at the bow of the ship to take depth soundings.  Since the area was full of uncharted sandbars, and obstacles beneath the water it was important that the crewman take regular measurements and concentrate. 

When the ships owner interrupted the crewman, the captain said that both he and the crewman tried to explain what was going on.  But the owner was so angry he just would not listen.  And when the ship hit the reef, the owner was thrown overboard. The rest of the crew was lucky to escape with their lives.

Everyday on social media, television, or on radio we hear about injustice, or something that outrages us.  Although we may engage on social media we soon feel frustrated that no one is listening. That frustration leads to anger. Just like the rich man, we find ourselves doing much more yelling than listening. 

Anger is a motivator, but uncontrolled it will send you to your doom.  Before you start yelling at the crew, take the time to educate yourself on what it takes to drive the boat.

The United States is not built on a model where one person drives its direction.  Politics, especially American politics, is set up to promote a consensus built around compromise.  Compromise by definition means you will not get everything you want, but you can certainly get closer. 

I am not defending politicians, but I am defending the process. As individuals we have the power to vote in those people that best embody our desires.  But you will never do it alone, and you certainly will not do it through uncontrolled unorganized anger.  

As a US Air Force Security Policeman I learned the importance of using small units effectively to defeat larger forces.  This means you need leadership, organization, and education. Turn your anger into mobilization.  Get your friends to take that step into the real world to engage opposition in the field. Join others to organize and educate not just yourself, but our representatives.  For veterans, their families, or just supporters of veterans and the nation you can join Concerned Veterans for America.  If that is not your cup of tea join the American Legion


Impy said...

Thanks, great analogy. :-)
I just signed up for the morning FRAGO - from Concerned Vets.

Capt Black Eagle said...

Thanks Impy!