Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Cartopotomus Speaks

The Cartopotomus Speaks

I was out riding on my Cartopotomus powered cart when suddenly the Cartopotomus spoke.  It is an extremely rare thing for the Cartopotomus to speak, but when it does it is a profound thing.

“Sir,” the Cartopotomus said.  “I was thinking about this new President you have.  It seems to me that his supporters are always defending him.  This makes no sense to me.”

I thought the Cartopotomus was being na├»ve so I said, “Well of course they do Cartopotomus, they support him and they want to defend his actions.”

The Cartopotomus was quiet for a few minutes and then said, “When I am proud of someone and what they are doing I don’t feel I need to defend them.  I am spending so much time telling others how wonderful they are, or the great things they have done that I don’t see the need to defend them.”

“Hmm, I see what you are getting at Cartopotomus”, I said.

What about you?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Meditating Gator

With the Weekend upon us...try to reach the zen of the Meditating Gator.

The Meditating Gator does not make a sound,
he does not go splashing around.

The Meditating Gator does not blink his eye,
he does not flick his tail in the sky.

The Meditating Gator is one with the land,
he does not have any hand.

The Meditating Gator thinks, "Do not chomp",

The End.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Pondering Otter: Depression.

I was pondering some of life's great questions with my otter.

Questions like "Is a naval orange actually aquatic?"

We battled back and forth and finally my pondering otter said,

"Should crazy people diagnose their own brand of crazy?"

That is when I countered, "But only someone who has been through it can understand it."

That pondering otter got me good with "Really? So if you burn yourself are you saying only someone who has been burned can fix it? If you break your leg only someone who has broken their leg can fix you?"

Well he had me, but to at least score one point I said, "This is all true pondering otter, but only someone who has been where I have been should judge me?"

Pondering otter sat there for a moment and said, "Then only you can judge you. And we know you are nuts. Should you be trusted with that task?

Good point Pondering Otter....good point.