Monday, June 30, 2014

Things In The Mirror

Things in the Mirror 

Things in the mirror appear closer than they really are.  I read that somewhere.  Its true.  Hindsight, has all the clarity of a foggy shower mirror.  Without the feedback from the mirror our minds are free to imagine all sorts of things.  When the mirror is cleaned, and reality is staring us in the face we are tested.  Do we accept what we see, or do we continue to twist the image to fit our mind.

We are all guilty of twisting things, and it makes no difference in our everyday interaction with others.  It is when we confuse the facts with what we imagine that things get all funky. Funky is good with cheese, not so much with socks, or ourselves.  

The Next Thing You Know.

The Next Thing You Know

Failure is when you give up on success. When you give up, you acknowledge that you have lost.  Changing direction, making a new plan, reevaluating where you are, and just keep going.  The Next Thing You Know you are a success. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Giant Springs State Park, Great Falls, Montana. The Story Behind The PIctures.

Giant Springs

Nature has a way of springing things on you when you least expect them.  This was true when the military stationed me in Montana.  There were many things I had never experienced, and Giant Springs is one of those wonders.

Located in Great Falls, Montana Giant Springs sits along the banks of the Missouri River just down stream from Black Eagle Falls. It was one of the discovery's of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805.  The spring has water of the bluest blue. Something photographs can not reproduce.

Giant Springs and the Roe River
The water in the spring is always above freezing and this creates a perpetual fog during the winter months. The journey of the water from its source in the Little Belt Mountains 44 miles away.

The sheer amount of water is amazing. The spring produces 144 million gallons of water every day. This is some of the clearest and cleanest tasting water you will ever encounter.

Another feature is that the Giant Springs is the source of the Roe River.  The Roe River is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest river in the world.  At only 201 feet most of the river is only ankle deep, but near its end it drops off to 6-8 feet in depth.

The Roe River
Fishing in this area is very good.  In fact, between June 15th to about early July it is better than good. Montana Fish and Game has erected a small fishing area in the park.  Fishing from this are using small salad shrimp on a bottom bouncing rig produces a nice assortment of trout to include rainbow, and browns.

On the other side of the river, during this same period of time there are large numbers of perch.

Other areas of interest near Giant Springs includes the Great Falls of the Missouri. These are a series of falls all located near the city of Great Falls.

Rainbow Dam and Horseshoe Falls