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Why I Call Myself CaptBlackEagle

Why I Call Myself CaptBlackEagle

Note: I have written about his before, so this is a rewrite.

I was lucky enough to grow up in North Carolina. North Carolina offers the wilderness of the mountains around Lenore, and the anger of the ocean around Cape Hatteras.  I grew up at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in the Piedmont region.

The Piedmont is known for its rolling hills, thick coniferous forests, and rich history.  The Piedmont is also a place I call home.  The story of how I went from just a kid in North Carolina to a Pirate is a familiar story of many kids, and even famous pirates of the Elizabethan age.

Our yearly vacation was to the coast of North and South Carolina.  From Wilmington to Myrtle Beach we would roam the coast in search of adventure.  One very special place in my heart was Pirate Land Campground.

Pirate Land was located on the outskirts of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The campground’s special feature was its theme park. Not much of a park at the time. Its feature was a ski lift took you for a ride over a small lake, and in the middle of the lake was a fake shipwreck inhabited by very real alligators. 

Another feature was a skit about the killing of Black Beard.  Although the actor’s names are lost to time, they certainly had an influence on an impressionable kid.  It was here that I became interested in all things pirate.

I want to make it clear that actual pirates are not Robin Hood types.  Although some did their dirty deeds with government support, that does not change their vicious nature. I will explain in a future article what I mean when I call myself a pirate.

As my interest in computers grew, so did my need to develop a persona that would reflect how I saw myself.  This has little to do with how you see me, which is after all your perspective.  My perspective is on this side of my eyeballs.

The persona began to take form in the mid 80’s.  I was in the military at that time, so keeping the name on the down low was very important.  It was, at that time seen only hidden in computer code that would never see the light of day.  By the Mid 90’s I had retired from the military and the name debuted as an email address, followed by a website. 

Why CaptBlackEagle?  Aside from the obvious pirate sound, the name comes from my favorite Officer Rank.  I think Captains are the real backbones of the military.  By Captain I mean the O-3s and the guys who are in charge of a ship.

Black Eagle refers to my favorite animal and favorite place.  There is no such thing as a black eagle, but there is a place known as Black Eagle. Of all the towns in Montana, Black Eagle speaks of the rough nature of old west. The eagle represents a freedom of action. 

Hope that explains it.    

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