Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Moment with Sir Isaac Newton 20141106

You may remember from school all about Sir Isaac Newton’s observation of fruit.  His keen observations led to the development of 3 laws that define how things interact with each other in our known universe.  Newton also wrote about relationships, and was a big supporter of conservation.   In today’s "Moment with Sir Isaac Newton," we will study his First Law of Motion.

It is important that you understand that these “laws” only work in our known universe.  In other universes these laws may not apply.  Its like how liberal progressives view things, its not really a law unless they want it to be. Newton’s First Law of Motion is so simple even they can grasp it.

Objects continue to move in a state of constant velocity unless acted upon by an external Net, or Resultant Force.

To explain this, go out to your car and look at the speedometer.  It should be reading zero if not you should press hard on the brake!! Zero is a velocity.  In fact, a velocity is anything between zero and infinity in any direction.

Another example is one you can do in your chair.  Although you are just sitting there you are in a “natural state.”  That is true if you are not moving.  Once you start to move things go wonky. 

So, if you walk up to some guy in the bar that is twice your size, and you push him really hard,  you are acting as an external Net/Resultant Force and he may move a little.  In response, he will probably add a Net Force to you, which will upset your natural state for a moment.  Don’t worry, the floor will return you to your natural state shortly.

That is the First Law of Newton’s apples.  Stay tuned for the second in the series "A Moment with Sir Isaac Newton."

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