Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Core Values


Values that act as your guide in making ethical decisions are your core values. Verbalizing your core values may be difficult at times. Sometimes we even forget what they are and act out of pure emotion. This is when things go wrong.   This is not to say that I am perfect in how I act, it is to say that this is how I judge my actions.


Integrity encompasses a wide range of moral traits such as; courage, honesty, responsibility, accountability, justice, openness, self-respect, and humility. Of these moral traits courage is the most important.  

Liars lie because they are cowards; they do not have the guts to take responsibility or be accountable.  

The unjust fear those that oppose their point of view. 

The braggart is making up for his lack of self-respect. 

Integrity is the courage to be honest about who you are; responsible and accountable for your frailties; to realize how unjust and closed you can be.  Integrity is born from self-respect measured by humility. 

The words used to describe core values are simple, the concepts and practice is much more difficult to realize. As the arguments of this manifesto are presented, my core values will be demonstrated in my conclusions.  Of course my conclusions will not match yours. That is the crazy thing about values, there is a wide range of measures between perfection and total corruption. 

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