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What's it Gonna be Boy...Yes...Or...No.

Politics reminds me of the classic Meatloaf song.."Paradise by the Dashboard Light"...its all about hitting a home run.

Who I will be supporting in 2012 Presidential Election.

It is easy to lose perspective when discussing the situation that the United States finds itself in. Discussion of the most pressing issues normally devolve into a worthless finger pointing exercise. Almost any attempt I make at discussing these issues someone always says “Well the [insert your party here] is/is not [insert complaint here]”.

Let there be no doubt, no point of contention, no mystified misdirection, my goal is to see that Barrack Obama is not elected President of the United States...again. With that in mind I have looked at the political landscape, and have finally decided who I believe the best person to accomplish that goal is.

Before I make the announcement I am sure you have all been waiting for, it is important that I lay the background of this decision.

In 2008 I did not support John McCain for least not willingly. I watched a man I did not like to begin with act like a total moron. In fact, I wondered then if he was intentionally losing the election. I still wonder that to this day. Because of this train wreck of an election, I feel that not only should I make my choices known...but I need to be loud about it and educate as many people as possible as to why I have decided to support my choice this time.

Who does not get my support and why is an important part of the process. I put every candidate up against four criteria.

Criteria #1: Fiscal Responsibility. At present our Government is running on stupid. Social philosophy and experimentation has taken the place of responsible fiscal decisions based on known fact. Of course Fiscal Responsibility is not easy. There must be a balance between revenue, and expenditures. Reality is...there will not be a chicken in every pot.

Criteria #2: Adherence to the Constitution. Sounds really easy. Its not. There are candidates who throw the word constitution around like they are discussing their favorite beer. There is one candidate in particular that when they mention the Constitution I get a sick feeling. I am sure this is a topic I will discuss frequently in the coming months.

Criteria #3: Free Markets. American companies must be free to compete. This has not been true for a very long time. Over regulation based on theoretical climate guess work, environmental lies, and financial chicanery has so hampered American Capitalism that it is making Americans into consumers, not producers.

Criteria #4: Electability. The candidate that I support must be electable. That is they must have the best chance at removing Barrack Obama from office. This holds true in any election in which the opposition does not positively impact the first three criteria.

Before I go into the who I support part of this diatribe, it is important to note that the candidate I want to run, isn't. So, I am left with those that are. So now I present the people I will not be supporting.

Ron Paul. Congressman Paul has some good ideas...very limited..very narrowly defined good ideas. But he is not what he wants you to think he is. Congressman Paul is a very good politician. He helped craft legislation that brought a good amount of ear marks to his constituency, and when he was sure the bill would pass...he would vote against it. Pretty damn clever if you ask me. His ideas on Americas role in the world is like that of a child....when we were protected by oceans his ideas make sense...that world is gone. Not being involved in world events and problems is like fighting with a bag over your head. Every time he says “Constitution” I seriously want to barf. He reminds me of that crazy uncle you try to avoid at family gatherings. His electability rating is Zero.

Rick Perry. There is no doubt that Rick Perry is certainly a fiscal and social conservative, but he falls short in the electability category. Americans are not ready for his type of conservatism. He has failed to educate the public on his vision. Too bad really, he could have been a contender.

Jon Huntsman. Poor Jon reminds me of the guy who went to a formal party dressed as a clown. The bright spot in this is his daughters may be able to wrangle some sort of media gig.

Newt Gingrich. There is no doubt when it comes to policy, fiscal responsibility, knowledge of the Constitution, and support of Free Markets there is no one as smart as Newt. For a time I was on the cusp with Newt, but does he have what it takes to get elected? Sadly I don't think so. Newt is fighting a game in which he is his own worst enemy. Forget his marital issues, his ethical issues...he loses his temper a bit to fast when under pressure. His method of educating the public is a bit...annoying. Even with the baggage Obama brings to the race, Newt is just not electable.

By now you may have figured out who I will be supporting, but I think it may be worth mentioning.

Mitt Romney. He is not the perfect candidate, however, he does meet the first three criteria. Not perfectly, but good enough. His demeanor (with a few exceptions) lends him as the perfect (relatively that is) candidate for educating the electorate. He will grab those independents, and I believe enough of those to the left of center, to defeat Obama. That is my primary goal.

I could stand at the helm of my ship and maintain a rigid course toward port and run straight and true into the rocks...but with a little course adjustment I can begin to gently steer the nation back to the fundamentals that have served it well. On this part of the journey Mitt Romney will serve his purpose.

I enjoy comments on this subject and would love to know who you support and why. It is what makes the political season fun.

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