Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Difference Between Make Believe and Reality

You wake up one day and notice you have a painful rash on your leg. It is so bad you go to see your doctor. The doctor gives you a cream to put on it, and sends you home. After a week the rash has not gotten any better, so you head to the doctor again.

This time he gives you some pills and a new cream for the rash. You take the pills and use the cream exactly like he says you should. After a week the rash has not only not gotten better, but you now have it on both legs and your butt. So, off to the doctor you go.

This time the doctor decides to give you a shot, stronger pills, and some more cream. Everyday you take the pills, put on cream, and visit the doctor for a shot. Gradually the rash goes away and the doctor with a smug look of victory declares you cured.

What neither of you that very week your wife had changed back to her old detergent.

Just the other day on Twitter a famous actor (not really super famous..but well known) said that FDR's New Deal was the best thing to happen to this country...his followers added that it was responsible not only for ending the Great Depression, but also winning World War II, and making the United States a superpower. I was so stunned that anyone would believe that...that I was almost speechless...almost. I was expecting one of them to claim that the New Deal was responsible for Cracker Jacks and Pop Rocks. Apparently even they have boundaries.

Here is an interesting fact about the Great Depression...Scholars do not agree on what caused it. In fact, their political belief often drives their conclusions about the cause of the Great Depression. Just like the rash...if you can't define the can not call it cured.

What I do know about the New Deal is this...It was a full on assault on the U.S. Constitution. From FDR's attempt at stacking the Supreme Court, to his Alphabet Administration (that was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court).

Again Scholars will argue that the New Deal did/did not end the Great Depression. Some will argue that FDR didn't spend enough money...other will argue that he spent too much. Some argue that Government did too much...and others that it didn't do enough.

This is not to say that FDR's attempts to stay the hand of the Great Depression was a total loss...lots of communities got Civic Centers, and Libraries. Vegas got the Hoover Dam...which would later give mobsters and gamblers a place to hang out. Of course a capitalist by the name of Andrew Carnegie built more Libraries...and they are prettier.

In 1939 Europe entered into the darkness of World War II. Japan was continuing its march across Asia. The US began its lend program to provide materials to both sides prior to war, and after war was declared it began providing supplies to what would become the Allied Powers. If anything takes credit for pulling the nation out of the Great Depression, WWII is that thing. In 1941, unemployment was unheard of..America was at war and full production war at that. The New Deal had nothing to do with the winning of WWII. The US had 3 years from 1939-1941 to build its production facilities. In fact, the Great Depression had more to do with positioning the US for war. There were plenty of workers available, and farmers now had a consumer to buy their goods right here at home..and abroad armies were needing our surplus.

One freaktard suggested that the boom of the 1950's was due to the New Deal...staggering stupidity is amazing. The Marshal Plan, had more to do with the American Economy of the late 1940's and all of the 1950's. Not to mention the growing Cold War. Americans realized that to keep themselves safe a strong standing Army was the wave of the future...of course...we can't forget Nukes.

The final claim was that The New Deal made the United States a Superpower. Nothing could be so incredibly false as this. The US had been a Sleeping Giant. All of the resources, brains, and pure balls of stone rested within her borders. World War II woke that giant and sent it reeling across this planet in an unrelenting flood of military might, humanitarian love, and a creativity never known on this planet. Thoughout the rest of the 20th Century America dominated in Science, Culture, Military power, and Agricultural strength. Inspite of our own governments attempt to stop her. We also make a dang good rum.

I replied to the semi-famous Actor that “The New Deal was not such a good deal.” He called me insane...he might be right...but I am not wrong...or silly enough to believe everything a politician tells me...just because I identify with his/her party.

I dedicate this to the political naivety of Mister John Cusack, and the difference between Make Believe and Reality.

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