Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Letter from My Senator.

The following is an email sent to me by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, and my reply.

July 2, 2011

Dear ,

I gave my Fourth of July message in the Senate this past week, and would like to share it with you. 
Some 235 years ago this weekend, John Adams proclaimed that July 2 would mark the most memorable epoch in the history of America.  It was on that day the Continental Congress declared the 13 colonies free and independent of Great Britain’s crown.  It was two days after that when Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence was adopted.

And when did Americans first celebrate their independence?

Philadelphia is said to have thrown a big party on July 8, 1776, including a parade and the firing of guns.  George Washington, then camped near New York City, heard the news on July 9 and celebrated then.  But in 1781, Massachusetts became the first state to recognize July 4 as a state celebration.  Ten years later, the young nation’s celebration was dubbed Independence Day.

This Independence Day, I hope every American will stop and think for just a minute about our freedoms – and just how much we owe those who came here long before us and mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.   And let us also remember the young men and women who have died in defense of those freedoms.
We traditionally observe the Fourth with fireworks and fanfare, pomp and parade.  But today we remain engaged in far-away struggles to promote and protect the rights of others who, like us, value freedom and independence.  Many of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen are spending their Fourth in Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of world.

I recently was reminded of the commitment and selfless sacrifice demonstrated by one of America’s World War II veterans, who lives in my state of Florida.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Rickel, of Boca Raton, served as a waist gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress.  Sgt. Rickel survived the daring bombing campaign of Schweinfurt, Germany in October 1943, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroism or extraordinary achievement.

Sgt. Rickel and all the military members and all their families knew the risks and sacrifices they were making were worth it.   As President Reagan once said, “Some things are worth dying for ... democracy is worth dying for, because it's the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man.”
Indeed, our democracy is something to celebrate.  I wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July.

My Reply to the Senator


Like you I celebrate the freedoms that I enjoy because of the sacrifice of those who came before me.  Like you I understand what it means to serve my nation.  Like you I celebrate the lives of those who fought and are still fighting for this nation today.

Unlike you I lament the loss of our freedoms by a government that no longer cares about the constitution.  A government that wants to force me to pay,  to buy a service that I do not want or need.  A government that allows millions to break the law, and in fact wishes to reward them for doing so.

Unlike you I am angry at a government that is manipulating the military, elderly, and our schools for political gain. A government that is trying to invade my life, destroy my liberty, and interfere with my pursuit of happiness. 

Unlike you I have been labeled a security risk because I served this nation, and dared speak out against it. A government willing to risk the lives of fellow Americans in order to promote a social agenda.  A government willing to cover up actions that caused the death of those who protect it in order to promote further attacks on my freedoms.

Unlike you I am no longer willing to be a servant of my government, but return my government to being my servant. I support Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets. 

Unlike you I understand what is meant by Freedom of Religion.  The freedom to celebrate my religion without the fear that my government will sue me and my friends for such a celebration. I support the right for every religion to celebrate their faith (to include atheists) publicly.  This has always been the most cherished freedom.

Thank you for your email Bill, I am constantly reminded of the sacrifice made by our troops.  I know their names.  I know their faces.  I know their laugh.  I knew them well.  I miss them, and the world misses their potential. That is one of the reasons my goal is to see that you, and others like you are not reelected.  Nothing personal Bill, its just business.

Enjoy your Fourth, I will be working that day to afford to live, and pay for others to live.

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