Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Blight of the Bottom Feeder in Education

The importance of the U.S. Educational system can not be overstated.  It is the key to creating the mind trust that develops all of the other key powers of this nation.  We can't outsource our brains and expect to remain an independent nation.

The key to my discovery is to keep an eye on the objective of Public Education in a Constitutionally mindful manner. Education works best when implemented and controlled at the local level.

If you recall, in the first section I discussed the keys of a successful organization.  The concept of effective lines of communications is an important element in any organization.  Public Education requires the coordination of a large number of people to make it work.  For instance, parents, students, teachers, school administration, district administration, and state administration must coordinate their efforts to create an atmosphere that allows learning to take place.  This requires a great deal of communication to create the type of coordination necessary to achieve learning.

To achieve this level of coordination is difficult in a utopic environment, but when we start to add other elements to the system things are bound to come unglued.  Case in point...Unions.

I will pause while the pro-union, and anti-union groups add a collective squeal.

Unions have no place in today's educational system, in fact, they probably never have had a worthwhile place in education.  There are some extremely compelling arguments in favor of and in opposition to Teacher's Unions.  I will present both.

One argument for Teacher's Unions is the Professional Association.  It promotes the idea of professional growth by sharing ideas and methods among Teaching Professionals.  This includes bringing the best and brightest to highlight issues that they face everyday.  I fully support this idea.  It makes sense.  This type of organization enhances the lines of communications needed to improve the system of education.

Another argument for Teacher's Unions is the protection from spiteful administrators.  In his blog post titled  “Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions” featured on the National Education Association website[1], Chris Janotta stated[2],

“If a teacher does something that causes administration to get involved, it is often not looked upon lightly. It doesn’t matter if administration had to get involved simply because a spiteful parent didn’t like his or her child’s grade or only because the teacher taught something in a way that used out-of-the-box techniques when the administrator likes things done “the old-fashioned way;” once a teacher is on administration’s bad side–faultless or not–he or she must always watch his or her back. “

   This “Us versus Them” mentality is what is destroying any good a Union might do.  It attempts to paint a picture of teachers under persecution from administrators. This type of thing may have happened somewhere, out there.

School Districts consist of locally elected School Boards (your neighbors).  These Districts create the rules and boundaries for Administration, Teachers, Students, and Parents.  The theory is that these boards make rules based on the values of the community.  If a teacher feels they need to use “out of the box techniques” all they need to do is seek approval.  If denied, they can either abide by the rules or move along. Instead they want a Union to strong arm the local community..and the Unions are happy to comply.

Don't let those who attempt to cloud the issue by bringing up the specter of some grand conspiracy of the deepest order...the argument is very simple.  Unions promote their agenda in your community by removing your vote and replacing it with theirs.  This is how Teacher's Unions are destroying the Public Education System and are a threat to your children's future.

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