Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is an American Part VI.

The White Hat

In the old American Westerns the good guy was easy to spot.  He wore a White Cowboy Hat.  He was always fighting for the little guy...saving the poor rancher...or tracking down a gang of desperadoes.  He seldom shot anyone and when he did...he tried his best just to wound them.  Of course that is the romantic view of things.

American's like to see themselves...and most importantly their Government...as being all about truth, freedom, justice. This is not to say that other countries can't wear a White Hat from time to time...but in America our brand of freedom..even in today's convoluted legal world...is still something people want.  Everyone wants to be the good cowboy.

When I was younger I would get upset when someone I looked up to...a White Hat wearer...did something that was wrong.  I felt that good people made all the right choices all of the time.  I had no idea that sometimes good people make the wrong choice...or that circumstances required they do something that would otherwise be considered wrong.

Americans are White Hat wearers.  In fact, we wear the White Hat better than anyone else...sometimes to our own detriment. Of course, we have gotten plenty of dust on our White Hat...but in the total picture our Hat is still gleaming.  

Now when you have on a big White Hat...some people like to sling mud at it.  In doing so, they only further the magic glow of the White Hat.  For instance, America practiced slavery.  Yes we did...and it was wrong.  Once we straightened that out we not only freed the slaves, but today their ancestors serve at the highest levels of our Government.  I can't think of another Government that has done the same thing?

Our warriors have committed war crimes.  Yes they have, and when discovered they have faced trial and met justice. Few other countries can make that claim.  We have laid waste to many of our enemies...and then stuck around to build them into strong and viable countries...using our money and resources.  I know of no other country that has done this.

We send our money out by the billions to help countries...some of whom have used that money to hurt us...but we do it anyway.  If people are hurting in need of food, medicine, clothing...Americans pitch in and send it. 

When we ride into town wearing our White Hat, we bring our love of freedom...desire to make our lives better with our own hands...sense of responsibility...and we believe everyone can have that.  Whether you wear your White Hat on the outside...or you wear it on the inside....All American's wear a big gleaming snow White Hat.

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