Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Big Adventure

Life is one great BIG Adventure.  At least it is for me.  Whether it is exploring a creek in the North Carolina woods, drifting down the Yellowstone River, or driving the streets of Tampa; there is always something new and unexpected around that next corner.  As with any adventure there are perils, joys, sadness, but most importantly Discovery.

For the next 19 months I will be dedicating this blog to the American Adventure...I will be inviting you to join the discussion...we will equip ourselves with the knowledge of our past and present...which will ultimately give us a glimpse of our future.  I will include examples from my own life..and most importantly examples from the lives of others.

Will I be fair? Sure.  Everyone that wants to post can do so...but there are some rules.

Rule 1. Stick to the subject.

Rule 2. If you are going to make a claim provide references to back it up.  Otherwise, it is just uneducated opinion.

Rule 3. No Idiots allowed.

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