Friday, March 25, 2011

Pop Quiz II

Take this test...lets see how you do.

1. What is the purpose of a K-12 Education?

2. How do you know that an 8th grader is ready for the 9th grade?

3.  How would you measure the success of the educational system?

4. Rate in the order of importance where funds in Education should go. (no essay)

    a. Administrative Salary.
    b. Teacher's Salary
    c. Classroom equipment
    d. Facilities upgrade
    e. Research and Development
    f.  Evaluation
    g. Teacher's training
    h. Lunch.

5. In K-12 what purpose does Tenure serve?

6. What is a fair compensation for a Teacher with 10 years of service? (Include benefits as well as salary and working hours)

7. Should parents be compelled to serve as volunteers during the school day?

8. What programs/services should be cut first when faced with a budget shortfall? (Pick 2)

  a. Transportation (buses)
  b. Free/Reduced Lunch
  c. Sports
  d. The Arts

9. How would you measure a teachers competency?

10. Do you support Teacher's Unions?

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