Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Live Right Here.

I was born in the small town of Gibsonville, North Carolina. I do not recall being asked by God if that is where I would like to live, or for that matter, if my parents were the ones I wanted.  The decision was not mine.  I will say that the time, the place, and the parents of my birth were the perfect choices. I can say this because I have lived and traveled to many places on this planet....most not of my choosing.

My ancestors arrived in this country in the late 1600's to early 1700's.  They were Scots and Irish.  Shortly after arriving they migrated from Virgina to North Carolina.  They were welcomed by the Germans living in that area.  For hundreds of years only a few people in my family have lived more than a few miles from where they were born. I am one of those few.

The military sent me on an odyssey around the world.  I have lived in Germany, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Montana. I have spent extended periods of time in many other places.  I love all of the places the military sent me.  Each has taught me far more than I could have ever learned by reading a book, or watching a documentary.  The people that I have met, and observed taught me much about myself..and the world.

In each of these places you hear..."You are were not born here.."...normally followed by some statement of what I can't understand because I was not born there.

It was not until I retired from the Military that I had a chance to pick where I would like to live.  I actually had a list...and Florida was on the list.  However, I selected Montana.  I lived, worked, and played with Montanan's for 14 years and love that state for all that it offers.  Then circumstances gave me the opportunity to choose where I would like to live once after a short visit to the place of my birth I arrived in Florida.

Remember I said my Family is mostly Scot-Irish?  We are what you call "Old Irish"...when the New Irish began arriving in the new world during the 19th century they met many hardships.  Discrimination was chief among those...the ones who were really bad about discrimination were the "Old Irish".  After all the New Irish owed their allegiance to Ireland...they were not born here...they could not understand what it was like to be a Natural Born American.  Wow...were we wrong.

Today...many people use the "We were Born here" as a prelude to some a statement about loyalty..or an excuse for why something is not working the way we want.  I do not see a legal immigrant as a threat...but as an asset to this nation.  "We were Born here" is the worst sort of slur, since it bears no meaning when dealing with thinking.

If you have spent any time outside of your local area you realize that nothing is ever the way it was.  I thank God that the United States is not like it was in the 60's...or 70's.  I am most thankful that Disco Died!  We do is the nature of the world.

The last election has nothing to do with "Not Born Here" usurpers. The next election will have nothing to do with "Not Born Here" interlopers.  Florida...Floridians...even those who are here by birth...versus those of us who made the choice to be here...are the ones that decided the election.

I feel the reasons for the last election results has been more eloquently stated by others than I ever could...but I do know...the Prejudice of those born here, toward those of us not born here is a dangerous path to take. Intelligent people seek out the actual causes of a result. Never should they bring up such discriminatory langauage as "We were born here...".  Intelligent people think before they speak...much less commit what they are thinking to the printed word.

I was not born here...It is where I have chosen to live.

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