Friday, November 14, 2008

Tribute on Veteran's Day

A Tribute to My Country


Her Warriors.



Born from an idea that men are created equal with an overwhelming desire to govern themselves my country was born.

Little more than a rabble of men and women took up arms to declare themselves Free of Tyranny.

Every institution they created was for the common good to give us all the right of creating our own destiny.

The strength of the American People can not be underestimated.

We have been assaulted by foreign powers, we have fought among ourselves, and we have defeated the enemies of this world.

We are proud, headstrong, and compassionate.

There have been, and will always be, threats to our freedom.

We will answer every one of them with the call "Don't Tread On Me!"

We are Americans!!

(Enjoy the video I made)

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Gordon2 said...

Nice, to bad some like Auty and Pelosi wouldnt or couldnt understand it.